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Sierra Nevada Alliance

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Rocky Mountain Wild The Greater Yellowstone Coalition, The Wilderness Society, The Lands Council, Seventh Generation Fund for Indian Development, Biodiversity Legal Foundation, Wild Wilderness,Wildlands CPR, Soda Mountain Wilderness Council, Conservation Northwest, Siskiyou Regional Education Project, Wilderness Workshop, Idaho Conservation League, Colorado Mountain Club, California Wilderness Coalition, American Lands Alliance, WildEarth Guardians, Native Forest Council, and the Western Wildlife Conservancy.

Park City Mountain Resort
Report Card

The Ski Area Citizens' Coalition encourages you to visit Park City Mountain Resort and also requests that you click here to send an email to Park City Mountain Resort to encourage them to continue their environmental stewardship.
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# Criteria Maximum Points Awarded Points Reason Attachments
Community Sustainability

1 Maintaining Ski Terrain Within the Existing Footprint 30 30

2 Preserving Undisturbed Lands from Development 53

2a Maintaining Development within Currently Disturbed Lands 20 20

2b Avoiding Road Construction on Undisturbed Land 8 8

2c Maintaining Parking Lot Construction within Currently Disturbed Lands 3 3

3 Protecting or Maintaining Sensitive, Candidate, Threatened or Endangered Species and Their Habitat 22 22

4 Preserving Environmentally Sensitive Areas 21

4a Protecting or Preserving Mature, Late Successional or Old Growth Trees 9 9

4b Protecting or Preserving Unique Geologic Formations 3 3

4c Protecting/Preserving Unroaded or Roadless Areas 9 9

5 Protecting/Preserving Wetlands 9 9

6 Preserving Water Quality 12 12

7 Water Conservation

7a Retrofitting old facilities with low flow 3 3

7b Installation of low flow in new facilities 3 3

Addressing Global Climate Change

Climate Change Policies

8a Position Statement 5 5

8b Greenhouse Gas Inventory 5 5 Park City Mountain Resort has used several methods to monitor greenhouse gas inventory...

Renewable Energy A 12KW vertical axis wind turbine and a 5KW solar array is being installed now....

9a Generating clean, renewable energy on-site 10 2 Park City Mountain Resort purchases 100% of energy consumption in RECs.

9b Purchasing wind, solar, geothermal 3 3

Energy Efficiency 12

10a Employing energy efficiency retrofits to lighting 3

10b Employing energy efficiency retorefits to heating/boilersInstallation of energy efficient lighting 3 3

10c Installation of energy efficient lighting, heating, insulation, power supply, etc. in new facilities 3 3

10d Implementing a no-idling policy 3 3


11a Increased snowmaking and source of water 5 2.5

Environmental Policies and Practices

11b Gallons per acre foot 10 7

11c Replacement of old and/or energy inefficient snowmaking guns 5 6


12a Providing incentives for carpooling for guests and/or use of mass transit 3 0

12b Providing incentives for carpooling for employees 3 3 PCMR has a special parking lot away from the base where our employees park and for...

12c Promoting or sponsoring commuter buses and shuttles from off-mountain sites to the ski area 3 3 We actively support and promote the use of Park City’s public transportation system...

Environmental Policy Positions and Advocacy

13a Not opposing any environmentally progressive local, state, or federal policies or legislation 5 5

13b Actively supporting environmentally progressive local, state, or federal policies or legislation 5 5 "Although we are on private land we do have a forest management plan developed for...

13c Adhering to a green building policy or commitment. 2 2

Waste Stream Management

14a Recycling customer use products 3 1

14b Recycling non-customer use products 2 2

14c Reusing or using recycled building materials 2 2

14d Composting food waste or other products 2 2


15a Using non-disposable products for food service 3 3 One facility uses paper plates. All others use washable dishes and silverware....

15b Purchasing recycled office and food service paper products 3 3

15c Preferentially purchasing local products (i.e. food, office supplies, building supplies from local businesses) 2 2

15d Use of cleaner burning, fuel efficient 4-stroke snowmobiles 2 2

16a Providing funding or other support to a local philanthropic foundation for environmental protection/conservation/sustainability purposes. 2 2

16b Environmental Education 2 2 Park City Mountain Resort has opened fully functional and interactive exhibits both...


The Ski Area Citizens' Coalition works to ensure that ski area management decisions, either by the Forest Service, the ski companies, or local goverments, are responsive to
the needs of real environmental protection, local communities, and the skiing public

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